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Work Out World Inc.

UPDATE (March 16):

Firstly, please know that we are aware of everyone’s concerns.

We are trying our best to keep everyone updated with new information as much as we can.


Please be advised:
Autopay members (year contract) will have memberships extended for the amount of time the facility is closed.

For members on IOC Payroll deductions – know that your bi-weekly deduction covers the two week period PRIOR to the withdrawal.

That being said, anyone on IOC payroll who wishes to cancel their membership can do so. Please email WOW stating who is under your payroll, all members being cancelled, and your badge number. Please keep in mind that this is just a temporary closure.

Given that we do not know how long the facility will be closed, we ask for your patience as we work through this disruption and we’ll keep you posted on memberships as the situation unfolds. If you have a question regarding your membership, please email directly at: workoutworld4@yahoo.ca

This situation is unprecedented and we will be monitoring it regularly and will provide further updates when available.

Work Out World is a not for profit organization that relies on memberships to operate and provide the world-class faculty, equipment and classes you enjoy.

We will not be laying off any of our staff and will be taking this opportunity to deep clean and disinfect the entire facility as best as we possibly can during the closure.

We understand the panic of uncertainty, and we thank you for your understanding.

 For the latest updates including virtual classes that may be offered by some instructors, please join our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/workoutworld/

Work Out World is a non-profit organization operated by an elected volunteer executive. A new volunteer executive is elected every January at the Annual General Meeting – as a member you can vote.

Work Out World relies solely on your membership fees to operate. The Town of Labrador City has provided Work Out World with grants toward new equipment or instructor training, and we receive sponsorships in the form of donations from companies in town as well.

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